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Media Group have enjoyed strategic partnerships with many high profile clients working across numerous business sectors. Media Group has been the catalyst in helping each organisation reach a wide demographic, allowing them to grow through the use of our tools, knowledge and experience.

Digital Displays

Our Mission.

In recent times we have provided solutions of a digital nature enabling our clients to display their promotions in the most efficient way. As requirements have grown, so has our understanding of the digital signage industry putting us in a position to give our clients the best advice. Our aim is to provide a full turn-key service and educate our customers along the way.

Digital Displays

Tier 1 Reseller.

We are now a tier one reseller partnering with one the world’s leading manufacturers in this market to offer a fantastic range of digital signage and touch-screen interactive products.

Simplicity is the essence of our digital display product range.


Digital Signage Explained

Digital Signage uses commercial grade LED and LCD screens to dynamically display advertising and communicate to the market place with impact.  This technology can also be used internally within an organisation for effective communication, ideal for retail settings, restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals, corporate environments.

Cost-effective Touch Screen Solution

Our easy to use content management system separates us from many other providers who’s solutions can prove to be costly and very complex due to some of the content creation packages that are on the market. Media’s simple solution is available on all of our android compatible units giving you the tools to easily create and display your own touch screen adverts and messages.

Digital Displays


What sets us apart from many other providers of digital signage and commercial screens is that we are sourcing directly from one of the largest dedicated manufacturers of digital displays in the world. Our expertise and know-how of static signage, which often goes hand in hand with digital displays, means that we are able to offer solutions of a wider scope than many of our competitors.

With the digital signage industry set to double by 2023 we needed to ensure that our offering was extremely stable with established foundations in order to maintain our reputation within the  visual marketing industry. Working with the right manufacturer enables us to provide market leading hardware and software solutions at competitive prices with reliable support.

From basic digital posters to outdoor free standing touch screen displays and impactful split screen video walls to impressive commercial presentation devices, Media Group has the product range, the knowledge and the support to offer the total digital display solution to our customers.

Our enquiries are never the same and we’ll help you understand all of the functionalities and benefits of our products before you need to make a choice.

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Digital Displays

Power at your fingertips

Our core ranges of Standalone Android Digital Signage Displays do not require any external devices

Like a PC or DVD player, our digital displays have an integrated media player which is updated by a simple plug and play method. Updating them couldn’t be easier; simply copy your images and videos onto a USB stick, insert it into the display which will copy the files into its internal memory and then play them in a continuous loop. Free scheduling software is included to help you manage your content as well as a free landscape wall mount.

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