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Philpotts own 21 sites across the UK, prominently in business districts offering a quality food to go service.

Our client was looking for a Digital Signage Solution that would promote their various menus with scheduled changes throughout the day, (Breakfast and Lunch Menus) and special menus throughout the year.

As each site was different in layout and size each had a unique requirement. Our site surveys allowed us to establish the optimum size and number of screens per store. We also identified if power and data was available. Where required we ensured that our team of installers included those qualified tradesmen to fulfil the requirement.

There were three distinct challenges, the first being that all installations (including power and data) was competed overnight to ensure that there was no business interruption, secondly that we create Digital content and publish to the screens in the correct in-store locations and lastly that all sites totalling 122 screens would be complete in 21 days.

The client was delighted in the service we provided with the ROI being recognised immediately from an increase in Sales as a direct result of the Digital Screens.

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