Outdoor Freestanding
Digital Posters


Sunlight Readable

Because these panels are 4 times brighter than normal screens sunlight light will not affect seeing what is displayed.

Vandal Proof

The mild steel casing and thermally toughened glass creates a vandal proof display for outdoors.

Smart Temperature Control System

The integral air-conditioning keeps the screen at an optimal temperature meaning the system will withstand hot and cold temperatures maximising the life of the product.

Content Management

The basic display allows you to transfer files on the unit using the Plug and Play option using a USB memory stick. You can also upgrade to the networked option meaning content can be managed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. As well as Lan and WiFi, the units can be 3G enabled.

Hardware Upgrade

Touch-screen functionality can be added to this display as well as a camera for user interactivity

Digital Displays

Why choose Us

Media Group have enjoyed strategic partnerships with many high profile clients working across numerous business sectors. Media Group has been the catalyst in helping each organisation reach a wide demographic, allowing them to grow through the use of our tools, knowledge and experience.

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Ongoing quality control and testing within the manufacturing plant ensures that all of our devices are made to the highest possible standards. Our screens are made from only the highest grade panels ensuring that our products are the best on the market. Once imported, each device is unpacked, inspected, tested and then repackaged by dedicated engineers before being dispatched to us.

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Unrivalled Service

Whether it is our sales team or technical support centre you are speaking to, we ensure that you will get fantastic support throughout the lifespan of your products. Our lifetime technical support covers all of our product range which is supported by the repair or replace warranty that comes with each device. We also offer a personal delivery and installation service for the larger products.

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